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Let your members earn credits and discounts by sharing your registration forms!

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If you would like to increase member retention for your organization or increase the new members joining your organization, TeamLinkt has now provided an incentive you can use to entice new and returning members!

You can first navigate to the Power-Ups page if you haven't already and enable the Member Credits Power-Up.

Next you will be take to the Credits page to configure your Association Credit settings.

  • Credits Earned: The dollar amount of credit that the referrer will receive when another person registers for an eligible form (Earn Credits is set to Yes) using the Referrers Referral Link.

  • Can Be Redeemed: How many months until the referrer is able to use their credits. (e.g. you may set the date to be the start of your next season) on one of your eligible forms (Redeem Credits is set to Yes). If left blank the referrer will be able to use the credits immediately.

  • Credits Expire In: The amount of months before credits earned from this form will no longer be usable.

  • Credits Available to: If set to Individual, only the email of the person who registered will be able to use the credits earned. If set to Family anyone who is apart of their TeamLinkt Family will be able to use the earned credits for their registration.

  • Max Referrals: How many times the referrer may earn credits from people registering with the referral link for this registration form.

  • Eligibility: If set to All Participants, any one who uses the referral link will earn the referrer credits. If set to New Members only, only people who are not already listed as an Organization Member with your organization are eligible to earn the referrer credits. Returning members will not earn others credits by using their referral link.

  • Discount Value: The amount the referred registrant will get discounted on their registration fee.

    Note: If this is set to all Participants and you allow both earn and redeem on the form, existing participants are able to earn credits for their family and get the discount.

Once those settings are configured, you will need to enable the registration referral program on your created forms.

When editing your registration form go to the Discounts & Credits section to see two additional options.

To allow people to spend their available credits for this registration form set 'Redeem Credits' to 'Yes'.

To enable the program on your registration form so they get a shareable link after registering set 'Earn Credits' to 'Yes'.

You can also manually add and redeem member credits. Just check out Manually Adding Member Credits

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