Viewing Location Bookings
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To view your Location Booking, you can navigate to Season > Location Booking and there will be a table with all of your Location Booking Slots, both available and booked. You can filter by date, location and whether it is booked or not.

Edit Existing Slot:

You can edit the Location Booking Slot by clicking Edit under the Actions column. There you can change the location, start and end date, rate and availability. If the slot is already booked, a yellow banner will appear at the top of the pop-up reminding you to tell the person who booked this about the changes. Once all the changes are made, you can click Update.

Cancel Existing Slot:

Locate the slot you are wanting to cancel and click Cancel under the Actions column. Keep in mind you can cancel the slot without refunding the person who booked, so if they need a refund, ensure you complete an Online Refund prior to cancelling the booking.


Locate the slot you are wanting to refund and click View under the Actions column. If you scroll to the bottom you can view the payments for this slot. You can either record an Offline Refund or an Online Refund which will be refunded to the credit card that was used to purchase the slot. Once a refund has been issued, you can cancel the booking if want (refer above).

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