Season Standings Sort Criteria
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There are 8 different criteria you can sort your standings by.

They are as follows:

Total Points: This is the cumulative number of points a team has earned throughout the season. Points are awarded for wins, ties, and losses.

Head to Head: This is the direct competition between teams. The team that won the most Head to Head matches will rank higher than the other

Total Wins: This is the number of games a team has won during the season.

Win Percentage: This is the percentage of games a team has won out of the total number of games they've played.

Score Against: This is the total number of points a team has allowed in a season.

Games Back: This indicates how far behind a team is from the team leading the standings. For example, if a team is two games back in the standings, it means they are two games behind the team currently in first place.

โ€‹Score For: This is the total number of points or goals that a team has scored in a season or competition.

โ€‹Score Differential: This is the difference between the total points a team has scored and the total points scored against them.

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