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New and Improved Dashboard & Layout
New and Improved Dashboard & Layout
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Updated this week

TeamLinkt is excited to announce the rollout of a revamped menu layout! This update brings a fresh look and improved navigation to enhance your experience. Below will be an overview of what has changed and how you can navigate around.

  • Dashboard: When you log into TeamLinkt for the first time, you will be met with a dashboard menu similar to what you see below. It will have a list of cards showing different summaries of your organization. These cards will include summaries like your Teams, Registrations, Schedules and more. On the right side will be a list of tasks you can tend to, which will be removed as you complete them

  • Menu Categories: Along the left side will be where your menu categories live. You can hover your mouse on the category and select the menu item you wish to navigate to

  • Menu Customization: You can customize which menu categories/items by choosing which ones you want to see, and in what order. Simply click the gear icon at the bottom and that will open a pop-up where you can check/uncheck items and re-order by dragging and dropping.

  • Page Navigation: When navigating to a page, you will see the sibling pages (menu items that are part of the same menu category) along the top left of the page. There you can quickly navigate between its sibling pages without have to navigate the drop-down menus.

  • Changing Season: If you organization has multiple seasons, you can toggle between them by clicking the Season Drop Down in the top right, and picking your desired season. You can also Manage your seasons or create a New season from that same drop down.

  • Changing Organizations: If you manage multiple Organizations, you can use the same Season Drop Down to toggle between organizations. You simply collapse the organization you are currently in, expand the organization you wish to navigate to and select a season within that organization.

  • Profile: The profile drop down has moved to the bottom left corner. There you can edit your profile settings, view your family, and set your language

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