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Navigate to the registration form you wish to add a Payment Plans to. Then click Fees and scroll down until you see Payment Plans, and check that off.

You have now enabled Payment Plans for your registration form. You can click Create to begin configuring.

You will be met with a pop-up similar to the one shown below:

This is where you will set all of your dates, amounts, frequencies, etc.

Plan Name: This is where you will enter the name of your plan. Make it something meaningful so your registrants can tell what kind of plan it is based off the name as they will only see the Plan Name when registering.

Total Amount: This will be the total amount of the plan. This amount can be decreased after registration but cannot be increased after registration

Amount Due Immediately: How much the registrant will have to pay up front during registration. This amount will be taken off the Total Amount

Start Type: When will the first payment be taken out. The options are listed below

  • Fixed Date - You select the date the payment plan will begin (it must be in the future)

  • X Days After Initial Payment - How many days after registration will the first payment be withdrawn

  • A day of the next month after Initial Payment - You will be a specific day in the next month the first payment will come out. Example: If you registered on April 12 and you have it set to the 5th of the next month, the first payment will come out on May 5th.

  • A day of the next week after Initial Payment - This option will appear if you have the interval set to weeks instead of months. You will pick the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc) of when the payment should come out.

Number of Payments: How many payments will be taken out before the full amount is paid

Payment Frequency: How often do you want the payments to come out. Every X Weeks/Months

Payment Plan Summary: This is the summary of your plan. It will show the amounts due, and the dates the amount is supposed to come out.

You can then click save and the Payment Plan will be applied to your registration form. You can click Edit on that specific Payment Plan to make changes or Delete to delete it.

When the registrants register, they will see all the payment plans you have created in the Payment Method drop down in the Payment Step.

✉️ Registrants will receive emails for the following scenarios

  • When they have finished registering, they will receive an email outlining their payment plan

  • When there is an upcoming payment, an email will be sent out 24 hours before the payment

  • When there is a problem with withdrawing money from the card, an email will be sent to the registrant.

  • When there is a change in the status for the payment plan (Paused, Stalled, Completed)

  • When there is a change to their payment plan (dates change, amounts change, etc)

Once you start getting registrants, you can then View My Payment Plans.

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