Online vs Offline Payments
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With registration forms you'll be able to select whether you want to receive payments online, through offline methods, or a combination of the two.

Online Payments:

Registrants pay via credit card to complete your registration form.

Standard credit card processing fees will be applied to this payment, and these rates can be found under Organization > Banking > Information.

Option 1: Pay Now

Payment is required at the time of registration

Option 2: Pay Later

Registration is completed, and payment is requested at a later date. This payment request is sent via email to all unpaid participants.


In order to accept online payments, a Stripe Account must be connected to your TeamLinkt account. This is how you will receive payment, manage refunds, etc.

Offline Payments:

Registrants will be able to complete the form and the league or association collected payment via offline methods (cash, cheque, etc). These payments need to be collected and recorded manually in the system.

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