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Registration Overview
Rostering Participants
Upgrading your Stripe Account
Collect a signature during registration
Using the 'Save & Apply to All' Button in Registration
Non-Profit Organizations - Applying for a discounted Stripe processing rate
Custom Question Library
How to request payment for a registrant
Message Prospects
Sharing an Offline Payment Link
Export Registrations
Edit Participant Fees
Payment Installments For Online Registration
Message Participants
Get Non Profit Status with Stripe
Offline Payments for Prospects
Prospects Overview
Copy Participant to a Different Form
Remove Participant from Waitlist
Creating & Viewing Backorders
Create a New Registration
Edit Open & Close Dates
Registration Groups - Setting Up Multi-Division Registration
Change a Registration from Draft to Active
Online vs Offline Payments
Pass Transaction Fees to Registrant
Registration for Small Groups
Pay Now vs Pay Later Option
Registration Form Options
Add Custom Fields to Registration
Attach a File to your Registration Form
Add a Link to a Registration Form Question
Add Earlybird Discounts & Late Fees
Add a Discount Code to Registration
Registration Limits & Waitlists
Set Additional Limits with Waitlists in a Registration Form
Send an Early Registration Link
Share a Registration Form
View Registered Participants
View a Registered Participant's Invoice
Recording an Offline Payment
Delete a Registered Participant
Export Registration Information
Export Multiple Registration Forms
Restrict Registration Form Access From Other League Admins
Share Registration Information with Team Admins
Clone a registration form
Assign Registered Participants to Teams
Connect Your Stripe Account for Online Payments
Refund a Registrant's Credit Card (Stripe)
Multiple Rate Registration
Clone a registration form to a new season
Find a Team's Registration Join Code
Member Credits
Certn Background Checks
How to Register
Stripe Upgrade FAQs
Family Discounts
Payment Plans
Payment Plans - Setup and Information
View My Payment Plans