Creating & Viewing Backorders

How to Create & View backorders for your league or association's online registration

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Creating a Backorder:

In TeamLinkt, a Backorder can be made if you are looking to set specific limits within your registration form. This could be a limited number of shirts based on sizes, setting limits on certain time slots for a camp or session, or anything else involving a limiting an option in your form, and not the form itself.

To create a Backorder:

Create a new registration form or edit an existing one, then:

1. Go to the Additional Info section

2. Click 'Add New Question & make the Response Type as 'Dropdown (single selection)' or 'Dropdown (multiple selection)'

3. In the Max Selections column, enter in the number of times the response can be selected.

In the Backorder column, you can select Yes or No.

Yes - will place people on a backorder waitlist once the number of max selections is reached.

No - once the max number of selections is reached, the option is no longer visible to new registrants.

Viewing Backorders:

Once there are registrants with backorders, go to 'Registration', click the 'More' dropdown on the form and view the Backorders option.

If there are no backorders, the option will not be visible in the list of options.

From there, you can add participants to this backorder list, export, or remove them from the list.

If you need to move a participant from the backorder list (for example, if someone currently in their spot then drops out) you click on the participant name & update this info in their registration entry's additional info section.

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