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Send an email to people who registered for your forms

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When signed in as an admin, you can send an email to everyone who's registered for a form by following these instructions:

  1. Go to Registration

  2. Click Participants in the upper right OR click the number of participants under a form

  3. Use the checkboxes to select the number of participants you want to message

  4. Use 'Message Participants' under the Actions button

  5. Craft and send your message!


  1. Go to Organization > Reports, then under filters click choose Registration as the type

  2. Choose the Organization and form you want to email participants of

  3. Go to the bottom of the table and change it from Show 25 entries to Show 250 entries to email them all at once

  4. In the top right click the email icon and compose your message

For a full overview of all messaging options, click here

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