Enabling Payment Installments as a payment option on your online registration form will give your registrants the option to pay through a payment plan for their registration fees.

To do this, you must first contact your TeamLinkt account rep (or help@teamlinkt.com) and request the feature be turned on.

From there, you can click to edit any of your registration forms and go to the 'Fees' section.

You can set up the initial amount to be collected during registration, and then the number of installment payments, frequency the payments occur, the amount of each installment payment and the date the installment payments begin.

Note, there is a $5 fee that is charged with each installment payment. In addition, 24 hours before the 'Installments Begin' date starts, the option for online payments will be removed from the form as an option for registrants to select. However, you can at that point, if desired, the organiation can log in and change the 'Installments Begin' date and make the option available again.

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