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Assign Registered Participants to Teams
Assign Registered Participants to Teams

How to assign players in your league or association to the correct team. This is how your players and teams can gain access to the team app.

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Once participants are registered, the next step is to assign them to a team.

NOTE: make sure you have teams created prior to the following the steps below. Instructions here

1. Go to the Registration and click 'Participants' in the upper right or by clicking on the number of participants under the Participants column.

2. Filter your participants by those who are 'Not Assigned' using the filters list on the left and filtering by Team Assignment. Then click 'Filter'.

3. Click the checkboxes beside your participant(s) that you want assigned to a team.

4. Click on 'Actions' > 'Roster Participants'

5. Select the team you want the players assigned to and click 'Assign Teams'

Once you have your registered participants assigned to the correct teams, all that is left is to activate your teams (which also triggers an email invite to the team). On how to activate your teams, click here.

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