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Messaging Options for Sports Leagues, Associations & Clubs
Messaging Options for Sports Leagues, Associations & Clubs

Read the article below for best practices on messaging your organization's participants

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Within the TeamLinkt system there are a number of ways to message the members of your organization. These options will vary depending on if you have used TeamLinkt's online registration system and if you have set up your teams with the TeamLinkt app.

Below are a number of different scenarios and the best practice for sending messages:

Offseason Messaging

If you are looking to message participants before or after your season has taken place, you will want to message through either the Participants page, or else the Reports section.

These messages are delivered as emails to your organization's members, but do not send a push notification to the TeamLinkt app.

NOTE: this messaging option is only available if you have used the TeamLinkt registration system.

Messaging During the Season

Messaging during the season is recommended to be sent through the Teams > Messaging section of the TeamLinkt platform. These messages send as an email copy, a message within the TeamLinkt app, and a Push Notification.

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