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This article covers a variety of FAQs that pertain to the setup and use of Teamlinkt. Click the arrow next to the topic of interest to open its details:

Registering Players

When Players Register for a Season, you have the option to decide how they will be placed on teams during the registration process. Your choices will be:

  • Individual

    • Allows for Players to be registered and end up in a pool of participants. From here they can be assigned to teams afterward by Rostering Participants.

  • Create a Team

    • Allows for the Registrant to Create a Team during the registration process. They will become the admin for that team and be placed on it when completing their registration.

      • Pro Tip: If you are collecting fees from registrants creating teams, you will be able to decide in the form settings if the participant that is registering/creating the team will be paying all the fees for their team or just their portion.

  • Join a Team

    • Allows a Player to Join a Team that already exists in your Season. They will either be able to select a team from a dropdown list or use a registration join code (Different from a Team Join Code) that has been provided to them.

      • For Clarity: The teams must already exist in your season to be selectable from a dropdown list.

More information on Registration Setup

Why is My Registration Form Not Showing on My Website?

There are two details that contribute to a form being available for registrants to fill out:

Why have I not received my funds through Stripe yet?

If you are a new user to the Teamlinkt system, you may have just recently launched an online registration form for the first time. For first time users, there can be a 4-7 day delay when receiving your first transactions that are processed. Stripe takes this time to evaluate the security and legitimacy of newly processed transactions. Once they clear everything on their end, the funds will reach your account and Stripe will identify your account as legitimate allowing for a quicker flow of funds moving forward.

Do I need different Teamlinkt accounts for different Teams or different roles?

Our system allows you to use the same email account across all organizations and teams that you manage or are connected to. The dropdown menus will allow you to toggle between these.


How do I register my Child?

As a parent registering their child for a season or activity through a Teamlinkt Registration form, here are a few good things to note:

  1. You will be prompted to create a Teamlinkt account or log in with a previous account when beginning the form.

  2. You would want to select the option to Register a Family Member once logged in as you are registering on behalf of someone that does not have a Teamlinkt account:

  3. You will then be prompted to add a new family member by name to register. Once this is done, you can continue through the registration form until complete.

This process will tie your child's registration record to your Teamlinkt profile for reference and history.

Why do I have unscheduled games in the schedule builder?

The schedule builder will do its best to generate a schedule based on the settings and parameters that have been set. When games are showing as "Unscheduled", typically this is because the schedule builder was unable to generate a balanced schedule because it was restricted by one/many of the following parameters:

  1. The availability of locations and the duration of games (including rest times) did not support the creation of all games because of limited capacity.

  2. Individual teams have mandatory home locations set that conflict with availability of locations set

  3. The gamedays settings (found in the "Weeks" area) have too much rest time between games set to allow for things like DoubleHeaders if required.

Typically an adjustment to these parameters will allow for the successful creation of a schedule.

Why are my teams pending in the app?

When teams are created they automatically get placed in a Pending status which allows for edits and roster building without giving users access to team specific information. Once the teams are finalized (or close to) you can activate the teams and the users will be notified.

Why Are my Stats Not Showing on My Public Website

Statistics are tied to many different aspects of the Teamlinkt software so there are a few settings that need to be checked to make sure that your stats are visible:

Under Website > Builder

  1. Is the page public on your Website? -> Show vs. Hidden

  2. Do you have public rosters? -> Site Settings > Site Info

Under Season > Schedule and Scores > Statistics > Settings

  1. Are you Tracking Stats?

  2. Do you want them to show on your Website?

Creating Events as an Organization Admin vs. as a Team Admin

There are 2 different places in which events can be created within Teamlinkt.

When an Organization Admin adds events at the organization level, those events will appear in the app for the teams involved.

However, if events are added in the app or online by a Team Admin through their Team view, those events will not show up at the organization level since they are team specific when entered at the team level.

*If you need events to exist on the organization side and on the team side(in the app for team users), be sure to enter them when logged in as an Organization Admin and in your Organization account*

If you encounter any further questions not included here or in our other help articles please feel free to reach out to our help chat available in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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