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Overview of Tournaments
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TeamLinkt's tournaments section is a great way to power registration and scheduling for your tournament. In addition, each team has free access to TeamLinkt's team management app for the tournament, as well as the rest of their season!

Follow the steps below to get your Tournament up and running on TeamLinkt:

1. Create a Season or Use Existing Season

You will either want to create a new season to run your tournament, or add a tournament to an existing season in your account.

SCENARIO 1: For leagues looking to set up a tournament for league playoffs, skip this step and go to step 2.

SCENARIO 2: If you have teams playing in your tournament from outside of your league or association, you will want to create a new season.

2. Online Registration

SCENARIO 1: If you are using tournaments for league playoffs and the teams already exist in your TeamLinkt account, skip this step and go to step 3.

SCENARIO 2: If you are looking to register teams for your tournament (and accept payment), you will want to create a registration form. A typical scenario for tournaments will be for one person from the team registering (likely a manager or coach) to submit one registration form on behalf of the team. In this scenario, it is recommended to use a 'Must Create A Team'. For all registration form options, click here.

**NOTE: if you are having your registrant create a team with their registration form, be sure to set up your league's divisions prior to making the form live. Click here for instructions on setting up divisions.

3. Scheduling

Once all of your teams participating in your tournament are in your TeamLinkt account (either from being created with Online Registration or created manually) you are ready to schedule. There are 3 different options for the format of your tournament's schedule. Click here for more info on which format to select.

How to Create a Pools Only Schedule (coming soon)

How to Create a Bracket & Pool Play Schedule (coming soon)

4. Customize your Webpage

For each tournament, we auto-generate a webpage that can be shared with all participants of the tournament. This is where the schedule can be viewed (along with in the team management app) and share important details. For steps how to customize your tournament's webpage, click here.

5. Publish Your Tournament

Once your schedule is created, publish your tournament & share the link to your tournament's webpage with participants.

6. Update Scores

Once your tournament is published, you can update the scores for games. For instructions on updating scores for games, click here.

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